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Burls Brand "Knife Phone Wallet" showcases our signature 6.5 Inches overall, EDC knife with a 2.5" Inch stainless steel blade, and exotic hardwood handle. This full grain 4oz veg tan hand dyed leather phone and card wallet with sheath and belt Clip is made with the finest US sourced leather and materials. Our Burls wallet has a card pouch, phone pouch, sheath and comes with our signature knife. We manufacture this item in-house and only use the finest leather, stainless steel and exotic woods. 


- Full Grain 4oz Veg Tan Hand Dyed Leather Phone Wallet

  (New leather is stiff and takes time to property wear-in, stretching overnight is recommend | ages nicely!)

- Hand Sewn Using High Strength Thread

- Sheath Dimensions: 1.6" Wide x 5.92" Long (Inches)

- Phone Pouch Dimensions: 3.84" Wide x 5.81" Long (Inches)

- Overall Wallet Dimensions: 5.72" Wide x 6.05" Long (Inches)

- Blade Length: 2.5" Inches

- Overall Length: 6.5" Inches

- Knife Material: AEB-L Stainless Steel

- Knife Process: Cryo-Treated & Tempered 61-62 RHC

- Full Tang 6.5" Inches

- Exotic Hardwood Handle

- Industrial Grade Belt Clip

- Features: All-in-one phone case, card pouch, sheath and knife. 

- Fits most major brand phones with exceptions to bulky aftermarket cases

- Options to buy items individually 

- Made In The USA | Manufactured By Burls

- Free Domestic Shipping


Orders shipped within one business day!


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